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based on the legendary FAZ survey

Your name : Sandra Martinez
Your age : 45 years
What is the greatest misfortune for you ? Having to experience the suffering of other people without being able to help
Where would you like to live ? Surrounded by the people I love
What is complete earthly happiness for you ? To be able to live one’s dream
Which mistakes are you most likely to forgive ? All those that one confesses and for which one apologises
Your favourite literary heroes ? Dr. Cassandra Clarke
Your favourite historical figure ? Mahatma Gandhi
Your favourite heroes in the real world ? People who selflessly care for other people and animals
Your favourite painter ? My daughter Maxine
Your favourite composer ? Frederik Chopin
Which qualities do you value the most in a man ? Stability, loyalty, helpfulness, commitment
Which qualities do you value the most in a woman ? Optimism, a caring nature, flexibility, spontaneity, sovereignty
Your favourite virtue ? Forgiveness
Your favourite activity ? To get to know people and their views of life
Who or what would you like to be the most ? The Dalai Lama
Your main character trait ? Optimism
What do you value the most in your friends ? Helpfulness
Your biggest fault ? Benevolence
Your dream of happiness ? To live a fulfilled life
What would be the greatest misfortune for you ? The death of a loved one
What would you like to be ? A person who makes the world a better place
Your favourite colour ? All colours
Your favourite flower ? Calla
Your favourite bird ? Colibri
Your favourite author ? Michael Ende
Your favourite lyricist ? Dante Alighieri
Your heroes in the real world ? All those who selflessly sacrifice themselves for others
Your historical heroines ? The Pope Joan
Your favourite names ? Maxine, Isabelle, Magnus, Nicolas
What do you despise the most ? Violence, selfishness, ignorance
Which historical figures do you despise the most ? Adolf Hitler
Which military achievements do you admire the most ? Those that bring peace
Which reform do you admire most ? All those that contribute to equal rights
Which gift of nature would you like to possess ? To have healing powers
How would you like to die ? Preferably never ;-)
Your current state of mind ? Highly motivated
Your motto ? Volere e potere
Your final comment ? Live here and now, and start your mornings with optimism and self-confidence